As the glitter from indulgent Christmas parties settle and tan lines from tropical island holidays fade, it’s finally time we got a minute to hit the pause button and catch our breaths just enough to reflect on everything 2017 brought us and what the new year may bring.

Here at milieu, we’re taking a few moments to review what 2017 brought us, how far we’ve come, and also, how much left we have to go. We know most new year blog posts usually go a certain way: reminiscing about the year with a sufficient hint of nostalgia, discussing resolutions with a couple of cliche “inspirational quotes” thrown in, and more often than not just end up plugging their latest product.

So although we’re going to do our best to be as original as possible, we’re probably going to use at least one of these predictable devices and hope our acute self-awareness more than makes up for it.

For us, 2017 saw us grow both literally and figuratively, from hot desking with Sapio at Mosque Street to moving in to our own office space on Cairnhill Road. We saw many great talents join our team last year, making milieu a far better place because of their contributions. We also launched our app, (cue fireworks!) Milieu Surveys just over a month ago and we’re building more exciting products to be released this year!

Building the best survey experience for our panelists

Our app - Milieu Surveys, a paid survey mobile app for consumers to earn points while doing fun surveys and exchange them for cash, donations and transport credits, was launched in December 2017. Since launching a little over a month ago, we’re glad to say that we already have over 5000 users! (shameless plug, check)

As we’re building a huge database of consumer behaviour patterns, data accuracy is our first priority and this is contingent on the quality of data that our panelists provide. Our goal is to build a high quality community of consumers who provide us honest opinions and accurate answers. In doing so, we are able to earn the trust of our clients and partners, and as a result, be able to provide you with more surveys and attractive rewards.

To ensure high standards, we have implemented quality control measures so that we never compromise on data quality. One example of this is our attention check questions, which are simple factual questions that we randomly insert in surveys to ensure users are paying attention. Being strict on quality control may result in negative user reviews from time to time but we are willing to bear this to provide the majority of our users regular surveys, the fastest reward redemption rates and the best user experience.

Part of the experience we’re also building is a thriving community that understands the insights they are helping create. By providing a pulse on current affairs and lifestyle topics, we aim to build a community that better understands the world around them with milieu insights.

Launching… Canvas, Portraits and Studies

For potential business partners getting excited about where they can start leveraging our consumer data for their marketing and research needs, we’re launching a consumer insights data dashboard for consumer-facing businesses in the first half of 2018!

We are terribly excited about this dashboard as it will provide consumer facing brands and agencies with instant access to actionable consumer insights delivered in a simple-to-use and highly visual manner. At the same time, we will also allow users of our dashboard to launch quick studies to test advertising, product and brand strategies and receive results within 1-2 days.

In just over a month, our community has completed more than 65,000 surveys and we are collecting millions of data points on a weekly basis. We can’t wait to give our business partners access to this treasure trove of insights through our two key products:

Canvas, our syndicated consumer profiling data set, will allow brands and organisations to leverage off the millions of data points we collect to instantly create granular profiles of their audience segment.

These fully customisable granular profiles are Portraits. Access these portraits via our real-time dashboard to gain access to insights about the demographics, lifestyle, preferences, media consumption habits and product/brand consumption habits of your target audience.

Studies, our self-serve structured studies product, provides users with the ability to launch a suite of studies directly from our dashboard within minutes and receive the results within 1-2 days! Our suite of studies are inspired by industry best practices and span across advertising, product and brand use cases. These studies provide marketers with the ability to receive quick and insightful data to make business decisions across their entire marketing cycle. While the studies are short and simple (and therefore fast!), we are able to connect the results of these short studies to industry benchmarks and the wealth of insights in our Canvas database.

The world is truly your Canvas!

Find out more about the products milieu is building here.

With our team expanding and many exciting developments coming up in 2018, we thought it would be great to keep all of you updated on where we’re at now and where we eventually like to be as we embark on our 2018 journey. Subscribe to our mailing list below or like our Facebook page here as we keep you updated with nifty data sets, interesting op-eds and more!