The World is Your Canvas

On-Demand Consumer Profiling Insights
Milieu constantly collects survey-based data across a multitude of consumer topics, providing you with instant access to data that will help you better engage with your target consumers. Our proprietary real-time data engine works to ensure Canvas data is always accurate, representative and up-to-date. Instead of learning from the past, now you can learn from the present.

Build Portraits Instantly

Define Thousands of Granular Consumer Personas
Leverage Canvas data to build customized portraits of consumer segments in exactly the same way you view your customers.
Consumer Personas

Visualize the Consumer

All the Data You Need, at your Fingertips
Gain immediate access to comprehensive and highly visual profiles of your target consumer via a real-time online dashboard.
Consumer Traits
Consumer Traits
demographics, psychographics, lifestyle
Media Consumption
Media Consumption
exposure, consumption and preferences
Product Consumption
Product Consumption
type of products, expenditure
Brand Relationships
Brand Relationships
consideration, purchase intent, NPS
Visualize the Consumer Visualize the Consumer

Engage With Them Continuously

An effortless way to optimize marketing performance
Send any of our incremental studies to your target consumers and get insights that will help optimize the performance of your product, advertising and other marketing activities within hours.
Ad Pre-tests Ad Pre-tests
Sponsorship / Influencer Selection Sponsorship / Influencer Selection
New Product Development New Product Development
Campaign Effectiveness Tracking Campaign Effectiveness Tracking
Price Optimization Price Optimization
Crisis Impact Study Crisis Impact Study
Brand Studies Brand Studies