Here at Milieu, we’re a small team with big dreams. All of us wear several hats, from design hats to marketing hats, a few even tin foil hats!

With our product quickly approaching launch and testing in progress, we thought it would be a great idea to start documenting our product journey.

Why then you ask, would a small team building a mobile app, managing testers, improving design and coordinating marketing campaigns want to voluntarily subject themselves to keeping a product blog?

Although tales of a fledgling startup struggles may be incredibly satisfying for the majority of you who indulge in the occasional schadenfreude, product dev blogs are a dime a dozen. They more often than not share the same common denominators of but not limited to - insufficient funding, poor user acquisition rates and lack of management experience.

In fact, content in the startup development industry is quickly hitting saturation point, something several content strategists like Ali Mese, Mark Schaefer and Shane Snow have been pointing out.

For us, documenting our journey is a way for us to pause and reflect, a much needed respite from the fast paced journey of launching a product. As our product and thinking will inevitably evolve over time, it is important to us that we keep track of our success and mistakes, and focus on how we can learn from them.

Community is also a huge part of our company’s mission. Here at Milieu, we firmly believe in sharing our struggles and success to celebrate the vulnerability of a startup journey. In the words of Pablo Picasso,

The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away.

By contributing to the thriving community that supports, celebrates, motivates and inspires, we hope our journey serves as a reminder that no one is alone.

Keep watching this space for product updates, cool articles, nifty data sets, op-eds and more!