Electric vehicles are undoubtedly the future of mobility. The automotive industry – like most other industries – is grappling with the role it plays in creating a more sustainable planet and cleaning up Southeast Asia’s roads will be part of the battle. Transport in Southeast Asia (SEA) is responsible for 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 23% of carbon dioxide. Yet, as the region’s economies tackle growth in a sustainable manner, it looks at greening its roads, making sustainable transportation a key focus.

While Southeast Asia is the fifth-largest automotive market in the world, the proportion of EVs, though, is still insignificant. With consumer adoption a critical contributor for the EV market to flourish, we wanted to better understand the contributing factors that would encourage or deter SEA consumers in their next vehicle purchase and their views on electric vehicles. So, in Milieu Insight’s recent study, we surveyed n=1,000 consumers of legal driving age across six countries (n=6,000 overall) to understand their views and sentiments toward electric cars.