Following Huawei's recent $54 National Day promotion which resulted in scores of angry customers being turned away from stores after limited sets sold out before stores opened, we ran a study measuring the impact of the crisis on the brand. The promotion, targeted at those 50 and above was marketing a Huawei mobile phone for $54, down from its usual price of $198. Disappointed fans flooded Huawei's Facebook page as the police had to be called in at several locations to prevent the unruly crowd from entering Huawei stores.

The study revealed that most Singaporeans were aware of the incident with the majority having a negative impact of the marketing stunt. The incident has also hurt the brand's future promotions in Singapore as almost one-third claim that they are less likely to purchase from Huawei in the future, while almost half of Singaporean customers say this incident will affect the likelihood of them recommending the brand to others.

The survey was conducted online from 29 July 2019 to 31 July 2019, with a sample size of 2,522 respondents in Singapore aged 16 and above.