Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer among women, but are women familiar with the symptoms and recommended checks to protect themselves?

In conjunction of Breast Cancer Awareness Month which falls on the month of October every year, we surveyed women across Southeast Asia to find out how much they know about the disease.

What’s covered:
- Familiarity levels of breast cancer symptoms
- Knowledge of recommended Breast Self-Examination frequency
- Knowledge of recommended age for regular mammogram screenings

The surveys were conducted with female respondents in Singapore (N=510), Thailand (N=520), The Philippines (N=550), Indonesia (N=545), Malaysia (N=490) and Vietnam (n=490), weighted for age, in October 2021. The margin of error is +/- 4 per cent with a 95 per cent confidence level.

Download the free reports here:
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BCAM Report_Indonesia
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