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Pre-Designed, Ready to Launch, Brand, Campaign and Product Studies
Milieu offers a wide range of best-of-breed, ready to launch studies that cater to a wide range of use-cases, from brand awareness to ad effectiveness to product or concept tests. We’ve already done the hard work, all you need to do is customize your study parameters, hit launch and wait for your results to stream in. You can also launch custom surveys or add custom questions to our studies!

Take Control and Collect The Right Data When You Need It

Customize your study parameters and launch a survey in minutes
We’ve designed a wide range of studies that you can easily customize and launch in just a few clicks. With Milieu Studies, you’ll never have to worry about losing precious time on complicated tasks related to survey design and scripting again!

Select from a Wide Range of Studies

We have a growing library of pre-designed Advertising, Brand and Products Studies to choose from
Never lose time on survey design and scripting again. Simply select the study that suits your needs, configure the study parameters and get high quality samples back quickly.
Brand Studies
Brand Studies
Brand dipsticks and crisis-impact measurement studies
Advertising Studies
Advertising Studies
Ad tests, influencer and sponsorship selection and campaign effectiveness studies
Product Studies
Product Studies
New product tests, package tests and price optimization studies

Why Studies?

Studies significantly reduces the time and effort to field high value research, and makes it easy to benchmark performance
Canvas give you always-on access to a rich and high value consumer dataset, allowing you to spend less time engineering and collecting data and more on analysis.

Select from a Wide Range of Studies

Select from our growing library of studies that cater to a wide range of use-cases

Configure and Launch within Minutes

Simply select a study, configure your study parameters and get into the fielf in minutes

Get Results Fast

Leverage Milieu’s high quality and engaged community of panelists to get data back in days instead of weeks

Benchmark success

Our platform makes it simple and easy to benchmark your key metrics against past studies and even your competitors

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